We understand how important it is to make a lasting impression on clients, customers, or guests. Our Corporate and Event Gifting service does just that. We provide two options... the Branded Gift Box or the Custom Gift Box. 

Branded Gift Box:
For a one time setup fee, we remove our Maker Hill branded packaging and replace it with yours. You simply choose a gift box, write a message to the recipient, and check out. Then we package it together in a gift box, incorporating your brand or logo. It's a simple way to make a big statement.

Custom Gift Box:
Our Custom Gift Box option is perfect for larger businesses or special events (i.e. weddings, conferences, parties, holiday gifts, etc.)
We work directly with you to customize boxes for your events, clients, or occasions. We design and customize everything from the box, packaging, and products. Once we have your approval, we begin building your boxes.
*Minimum order of 20 is required for the custom option. 

Please contact us at kelli@shopmakerhill.com to discuss your specific needs.