We understand how important it is to make a lasting impression on clients, customers, or guests. Our Corporate and Event Gifting service does just that! 

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We are thrilled you are interested in becoming a corporate or event client. Tell us a little about yourself to gain immediate access to the Corporate Gift Box Shop PLUS exclusive corporate benefits:


Here to help in three easy ways

1. Branded Corporate Gift Box:
For a one time setup fee, we remove our Maker Hill branded packaging and replace it with yours. You simply choose a gift box and write a message to the recipient. Then we package it together in a gift box, incorporating your logo on the gift tag and notecard. It's a simple way to make a big statement.

2. Full-Service Custom Curated Corporate Gift Box:
Our Custom Gift Box option is perfect for larger businesses or special events (i.e. weddings, conferences, parties, holiday gifts, etc.)
We work with you to customize boxes for your events, clients, or occasions. We design and customize everything from the box, packaging, and products. Once we have your approval, we begin building your boxes.
*Minimum order of 25 is required for the custom option. 

3. Self-Service Curated Corporate Gift Box:
Need to send a gift today to 1 to 20 clients? The corporate pre-made gift box shop is perfect for you. Our team has curated a wide variety of beautiful gift boxes perfect for any corporate occasion and ready to ship immediately. 


What do I need to qualify for corporate or event gifting?

Our corporate and event gifting partners typically send 25 or more gifts in a 6 month time period.

Can I send gifts immediately or is there a standard lead time?

For orders containing 25 or fewer boxes, we can typically ship within started lead time. Bulk orders containing more than 25 boxes require a 2-3 week lead time.

Can I create custom branded gift boxes with my company logo?

Yes! We offer the ability to custom brand boxes, tags, notecards, and some products. If you would like to create a custom branded gift box, please complete the corporate application form above.

Will I be able to include a hand written note with my corporate gift?

Yes! Every gift box we send includes a handwritten card - these messages can be customized to fit your desires.

Can I include a product from our company within my gift box orders?

Yes! As long as the product fits within the broader assortment and box size, we would love to include anything to meet your needs.

I need to send A LOT of boxes, can you handle it?

We have fulfilled orders of up to 1,000 gift boxes. Have something bigger? Lay it on us. We like a good challenge.

We sent corporate gifts last year with another company and it did not go well, how are you different?

We treat every gift box order as if we are sending it to our own mother. We are confident in our team and our process to make sure your gifting experience, whether big or small, is the best from start to finish. 

Please contact us at kelli@shopmakerhill.com to discuss your specific needs. 

Let’s do this!